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Pineta Black comes from the Aegean Region. It features a light grey canvas with dark veins in a range of from black and taupe through to charcoal grey. A durable choice that's great for patio use, its rich and swirling veining impart an elegant and timeless look. Pineta Black is a stone with an impressive history: The quarry locates near to Stratonikeia Ancient City. The City, known as the city of eternal loves and gladiators, is one of the cities of Ancient Caria Region. It’s one of the rare places where you can see urban fabrics of Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, and the Ottomans together. Stratonikeia, which is one of the largest marble cities in the world and you can see samples of Grigio Pineta in the city both floorings or columns of special villas. Now you can have it in your patio! This marble an optimal choice for buildings, exterior wall cladding, paving, monuments and a multitude of other exterior and interior projects. It’s durable and resistant to freeze-thaw cycles. has a low absorption rate and is highly resistant to fire and heat. Because Grigio Pineta’s dark veins are not carbon based, it has better lightfastness than most of dark colored natural stones.

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